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Success Stories

Healthy Checkout Aisles Healthy Checkout Aisles
Change the Future WV is successfully changing food environments across West Virginia. Many grocery stores and convenience stores have healthy options more readily available...Read more
Farmers' Market Farmers' Market
Access to fresh fruits and vegetables has been a principle goal of Change the
Future WV. The county coordinators and their coalitions have worked very hard
to partner with local farmers...Read more
Convenience Stores Convenience Stores
In every corner of West Virginia, people are welcoming a major change in their food environments...Read more
Physical Education in the MOV Physical Education in the MOV
The successes of the PE teachers to increase access to physical education opportunities help to shape six county wide resolutions that support daily PE...Read more
Trails Trails
In addition, the county committed to further the improvement of the track in order to increase physical activity among members of the Belmont community.

Community involvement has been strong, with the County Commission and
Town Council approving the trail...Read more