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Community Health Education Resource Person (CHERP)

A Community Health Education Resource Person (CHERP) is a trained community member who provides information, support, and basic health care services to those who need help.

A CHERP is a paid or volunteer health specialist that helps friends, neighbors, and community members gain access to health care and develop a healthier lifestyle.

A CHERP is trained to answer basic questions about health, disease, nutrition, physical activity and health behaviors.

A CHERP is a partner with doctors, nurses, dietitians, personal trainers and others in promoting health.

A CHERP can certify at one or more of six levels:
  •     Wellness Specialist,
  •     Health Promotion Specialist,
  •     Disease Prevention Specialist,
  •     Disease Management Specialist,
  •     Mental Health Specialist, and
  •     Health Counselor.
Anybody 18 or older, with an 8th grade education can certify as a CHERP. No experience is necessary to certify.