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Physical Education in the MOV

Fourteen physical education (PE)/ health and wellness educators were placed in high schools and middle schools, with a few of them assigned at both levels. These PE teachers worked during the first year of Change the Future WV initiative. The addition of the PE teachers allowed for expansion of physical education classes in the schools, as well as increased opportunity for physical activity. Intramural sports, zero hour physical education, and additional physical education classes allowed students the opportunity for increases in their physical activity levels. The successes of the PE teachers to increase access to physical education opportunities help to shape six county wide resolutions that support daily PE. One of the local superintendents, John Putnam, shares his experience with the additional teacher:

“Our PE/Health educator, Miss Sara Osborn, became an invaluable resource and member of our professional learning community. For one period of the day she participated on a collaborative team, working with struggling readers. It became apparent that Miss Osborn has a gift for teaching regardless of the content area. Miss Osborn became part of the school community and their rural family through her participation in coaching, afterschool fitness activities, and participation on the school's Culture and Climate collaborative team.”