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Healthy Checkout Aisles

Walmart Healthy Checkout AisleChange the Future WV is changing food
environments across West Virginia.

Healthy checkout aisles in grocery stores are one way of making the healthy choice the easy choice. Partnerships are being created between Change the Future WV and local food store owners and managers to create at least one aisle where fresh fruits and vegetables are available as well as toys that promote physical activity. Signage and displays highlight the new and improved aisles.

“I am glad to see that Foodland cares about their community and not just the bottom line. Kids don’t know what is good for them or not. When the choices are only good, it makes it easier.” – Foodland Customer

“The response has been very, very solid from the West Virginia customers. I have asked customers, ‘Why are you in this line?’ And typically, it’s a mom with a child, and they just kind of grin and say, ‘Because I really, really like what options there are — and aren’t — in this checkout.” – Beth Nagle, Wal-Mart Market Manager

“Thank you for helping mothers make healthy choices for their families. It will be nice to be in an aisle where if my kids want something it will be good for them.” – Healthy Checkout Aisle Shopper

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If you would like more information about how to develop a healthy checkout aisle in your community, please email us at